Feeding Your Inner Monster

I tried making something new for lunch today. Not for me, for the tiny humans. I’ve eaten it before so I know my taste buds find it delicious and fulfilling. Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes cut into chip form, and quinoa. Yum. The tiny humans have a tiny palate, which usually consists of 1 Ego waffle or dry Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast, 4 chicken nuggets … Continue reading Feeding Your Inner Monster

10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon

Various articles accuse Millennials of “killing” industries like beer, the bar of soap, and chain restaurants; or traditions like homeownership and marriage. I never really liked the way “millennial” sounded when it rolled off my tongue. The connotation is negatively implied most times and I didn’t want to label myself in that way. “Those millennials,” they say with an inserted eye roll or two. Simple … Continue reading 10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon

Technology Dependency

Vertical, barcode like lines filled the screen of my iPhone 6s. Part of me felt naked and anxious, but the other part of me wasn’t devastated at all. I checked appointments at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar, and the earliest time slot was 2:30pm the next day. I thought, “It can’t be that bad. I don’t need to go anywhere that requires GPS. I can live … Continue reading Technology Dependency