Bachelorette Contestants and Predictions

“It’s Raining Men!”

Season 13 of The Bachelorette premiered Monday night and Bachelor Nation welcomes Rachel Lindsay.

The Texas attorney is getting down to business. She is ready to find love again after failing to win Nick Viall’s heart during Season 21 of The Bachelor. She confidently filtered through a large and diverse group of 31 men, sending 7 home at the first rose ceremony.

From the contestant bios to stepping out of the limo and first impressions, here are my opinions on the men living in the Bachelor Mansion this season:

Bryan: Definitely a front runner in Rachel’s eyes. He is 37 years old. I believe that because of his age, he has good intentions for participating in this love quest. He enjoys watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette because he is interested in interactions between a man and woman. He also mentions he wants children. I feel like he is at a point in his life where he knows what he wants and he is serious about seeking it. Bryan was the first to kiss Rachel and he also received the first impression rose. With these demographics, Bryan definitely has a really good chance at winning Rachel’s heart.

Peter: I like him. His bio lists attributes I would choose in a husband or lover. I thought it was sweet that he admires his brother because he is the “best father and husband.” This makes me believe his mind is in the right place. He seems like a normal contestant with serious potential, however, I don’t see him and Rachel working out necessarily. This is not the reason behind my previous statement, but he brought Rachel chocolate and she doesn’t like chocolate. I think he will return for another season in Bachelor Nation.

Will: His first impression during the premier doesn’t ring a bell to me, however, his bio is leads to be somewhat promising. He enjoys traveling, which in my book is a plus. That to me means someone is not only adventurous, but willing to step out of their comfort zone a little and try new things. He confessed that he can be reserved at first, which is normal for many contestants, and that he doesn’t like to be someone’s second choice. Sorry hun, but do you know what show you signed up for? I can already foresee that he will dread group dates and probably throw a hissy fit at some point.

Jack Stone: An attorney like Rachel. His mother died from cancer, so I’m sure that will be brought up a lot in private conversations. He pleads the fifth on wildest thing done in the bedroom.. so probably missionary. LOL. What he likes to do in his hometown seems pretty normal. I’m not so sure about this 48 hour date, though. If him and this other woman didn’t want to leave each other, but now he is here pursuing Rachel.. what happened? Speaking of “pursuing,” apparently he thinks of this as a game. He prefers a woman who wants to be pursued because she “knows how to play the game.” Hm..

Jamey: Not a fan. If he could be someone for a day he would be someone less fortunate than he so he could appreciate life more. Why not just appreciate life now? Why do you have to be someone else, someone less fortunate than you to appreciate life? Quite frankly, I don’t think this guy is in it for the long run. He doesn’t like to make future plans. He doesn’t even have goals. He also seems to be mysogynistic in the sense that he wants his ideal mate to look like a model and he has no female friends. The only thing he has going for his is that he likes peanut butter and chocolate.

Iggy: Slightly concerned that his 3 best and worst qualities are the same. What does this mean? Also, kind of turned off that he cannot control his boners at work. Get it together buddy. It’s a no from me.

Eric: He seems like a good dude. Personal trainer and likes green drinks, so he must be healthy. That’s a plus. He seems to have a positive outlook on life based upon the books he enjoys reading. I think his spirituality will bring him far on the show.

DeMario: Outgoing, confident, humorous. He shares musical interests with Rachel. He seems like the type of person that Rachel will benefit from. Since her career is very professional and serious, DeMario could be the one to help her let loose and have fun. He comes off as the type of guy with a lot of love to give. I think he will go far in this journey. My only reservation about him is if he is able to be serious and have the serious conversations without being a jokester all the time.

Jonathon: No thank you, Mr. Tickle Monster. I don’t like being tickled, I can’t imagine other people actually enjoying it. He was previously married, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but I’m sure it will come up in the show. He called losing his virginity to his ex-wife, uneventful. That strikes me as kind of rude and pathetic, but honest. I don’t see him and Rachel working out.

Bryce: No times 13. He is here for the wrong reasons. Period.

Alex: Cute. Looks like the dad from the new show Imaginary Mary. He would treat his significant other like a queen, however, his 3 worst attributes are contradicting and pretty much deal breakers. Selfish, unemotional, unapologetic. I can smell divorce in his future. Good luck buddy.

Kenny: He was very memorable from the premier episode. Single dad. Only one we know of so far that has a child. He adores his daughter. This showed he has a vulnerable/lovable/soft side. I’m glad he brought it up to Rachel right away. He is at a good age, 35, where he is ready to settle down and find someone to be apart of his family. He is also a professional wrestler, so that means he is also a pretty tough dude.

Dean: Another contestant who lost his mother. I thought it was very sentimental that she was the person he would choose to have lunch with out of anyone in the world. While he has an emotional side, he also doesn’t really believe in marriage. Rachel wants to get married, so I can see some sort of conflict arising there. During the premier he brought Rachel to a sand table, I thought that was a fun and playful idea. He is also very young.

Matt: The Penguin guy. Reminds me of Alexis Waters, shark/dolphin girl from Nick Viall’s season. Rachel loves Penguins, so this was a good idea. He also provided fun facts about the love life of penguins. His parents are good role models to him in terms of relationships. His achievements as a basketball coach and volunteer with inner city kids is one that speaks volumes. I think Matt will make it far on the show.

Anthony: Rachel should start saying yes to the dress now. Anthony caught my attention on the premier episode because of his humbleness. He is intelligent, positive, taught English in Indonesia, loves him mom. He is the type of guy that has a good head on his shoulders. Bravo Anthony. I predict he will win Rachel’s heart.

Brady: This dude can’t stand people like “Mike The Situation” from Jersey Shore. I am predicting that he will be involved in some of the drama that takes place on this season. He will most likely be the instigator.

Josiah: Center of attention all the way. Rowdy fellow. Seems like a fun guy, but I think he will get into a little drama this season. He will want a lot of attention from Rachel, but obviously that’s not the way this show works.

Lee: I love how he had the confidence to sing to Rachel as he was getting out of the limo. He seems like a charming country boy, but I don’t think he is a top contender. In the previews for the rest of the season, he seems to stir up a bit of trouble with the other guys. I can already tell I will not like him by the end of the show. I predict he will star on Bachelor in Paradise.

Diggy: I’m a little concerned about his drinking habits…according to his bio, he is always recovering from day drinking. At 31 you would have thought he surpassed this phase in his life. I like that he wants to step out of his comfort zone on dates and try new things. He will have fun being a contestant and going on fun dates and adventures, but I don’t think he is serious about finding love.

Fred: I have a weird feeling about Fred. He knew Rachel from grade school. She was his camp counselor. So he’s a little bit younger than Rachel. It is very bold of him to reconnect with someone he knows from the past, however, Rachel is unsure of how she feels and may not be able to move on from that student/counselor connection. I don’t think it will work out.

Adam: If Adam did not have a bio, he would come across as a good looking guy, with a slight obsession with puppets, but also a sense of humor. His bio strikes some uncertainty, like the fact that he’s basically embarrassed to be on The Bachelorette. He is also afraid of spiders and snakes, and if that were me dating him, that would be a definite no no because I am deathly afraid of spiders. Who is going to save me if you’re too busy being a scaredy cat? The most romantic present he’s ever received was a threesome for his birthday. Hm. Things are about to get kinky in the Bachelor Mansion.

Michael: He seems like a pretty chill dude. He follows a Paleo diet and is comfortable with himself that he doesn’t need to be the center of attention. I don’t really remember him from the premier episode, but I can predict that he will be in the background of all group dates and cocktail parties.

Blake E: He will most likely be this season’s infamous villain. Calling it now. Not as bad as Chad, but he will be in the pit of the drama. Mr. Negative Nancy during the first episode, already arguing with another contestant over their reasons for being on The Bachelorette. He was once engaged, which is not a problem, except he called her crazy. That is a red flag. He is also an aspiring drummer, whatever that means, and is very open about his sexuality. The other Blake (Blake K.) should have been given the rose instead.

Lucas: Poor Lucas. Already being ganged up on by the other contestants. If it means anything, he is comfortable with himself. While being playful is a good quality, he is extremely childish. Rachel is not here to babysit these men, and I’m questioning if Lucas is wanting 5 minutes of fame or love. He reminds me of Uncle Joey from Full House, if that gives you any indication of how this season will go.

The men that did not make the cut were: Grant, Mohit, Rob, Kyle, Blake K., Jedidiah, and Milton.

Rachel Lindsay disclosed that her journey as the Bachelorette was a success and she is happily engaged to one lucky man who has a great smile and likes sports. It’ll be an interesting season and I’m excited to find out who she chooses!

To read more about the contestants visit abc for The Bachelorette Cast.


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