Being An Author’s Friend

I am sharing this important news across all of my social media outlets and blog formats.

My friend Dan just published his first book!!! As an aspiring writer myself, this is an amazing opportunity and I’m glad he was able to make it into the world of writing.

I’ve known Dan for about 4 years now. We met in our freshman year of college, and soon learned that we had mutual connections from our high school days. I remember the first time Dan and I actually interacted with one another. A mutual friend was parting ways with me as we were out for the evening in our small college town and asked Dan to walk me to my destination. Kindly, he did. After this encounter, our friendship just fell into place as we continued hanging out with the mutual friends we had together. Eventually, we all became one super group of friends that were unstoppable.

I’m so proud of Dan, to the moon and back. I have to admit that I’m almost envious because I want to be published, too. However, this only makes me want to work harder and write more, not to beat him, but to someday write alongside my good friend.

Cheers to all my fellow readers and writers!

I’ve ordered Dan’s book already and if you would like to support his future as a writer, I have included the link to purchasing the book from Amazon. Thank you!


In the featured image, Dan is the one on the left with the blue sweatshirt.


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