The Greatest High

3 weeks ago I said goodbye to the USA, hugged my mom as tight as I could, and set off on my first international journey. I curiously walked the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Naples with my camera and notebook in hand. 24 hours ago, my plane landed at the JFK airport in New York. I embraced every minute of my European adventure, but almost kissed the ground when I was back on American soil.

This wasn’t by any means a soul-searching journey. I didn’t go on this voyage to find myself, I went to discover the world. I feel blessed in so many ways to have gotten this opportunity to expand my horizon. This incredible experience has taught me and cultivated me into a more inspired and appreciative human being. There is no greater high than traveling, and this kind of triumph and spirit can only be achieved if you step outside of your comfort zone.

I have so much to share with you and with that being said, stay tuned for upcoming blog posts. They will unveil good times, photos, lessons, advice, and best of!





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