The Fifth Bar

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 Sunday, July 9th, 2017

It was late Saturday night when we left our hostel in Paris. By the time we got off of the metro at the Place Monge stop, it was Sunday. Our excursion in the 5th Arrondissement was to one of Paris’ oldest and exuberant quarters.

Rue Mouffetard was like a hidden gem. The lights were dim, casting an orange aura over the cobblestone streets, as if it were a scene in a movie. A friend of Alex’s recommended to come here for a nightlife experience.

The 6 of us were getting anxious to begin the fun portion of our night. We didn’t know where to go exactly, so we just picked a pub that looked appealing.

The Fifth Bar. 62 Rue Mouffetard.

We lost track of time in this little pub. Cheering, drinking, laughing. We drank a brew from New York. I want to say it was Brunt Pilsner, from Brooklyn. I could be wrong though. There was beer pong set up. We also taught Chris how to play Flip Cup. 3 beer pitchers later, we were sitting in a circle sharing our life stories.

James was 19 years old, from Georgia. He was in Paris to visit a friend that he hadn’t seen in a while. Moby was 18 years old, also from Georgia. He came to Paris because he had money to blow and the opportunity to travel with James. I had met these 2 moments before left to go to Rue Mouffetard. They had just checked into the hostel and we invited them along.

Chepe. Oh Chepe. 22 or 23 years old, I actually forget. He is from Mexico. He told us he drinks a lot of tequila and beer at home. Good kid. His mother never got the chance to travel, so she saved up some money and sent Chepe on this trip around the world as a gift. When he told us this moving story, my body was covered in goosebumps and it brought a tear to my eye. Chepe was kind and humorous. I miss him.

Chris was 24, from Wales. He had an accent and it was adorable. Some of his terms were different from English, but I was able to understand. He reminded me of Harry Potter for some reason. Chris’ main destination was a festival called Tomorrowland. He was only in Paris for a few days. The last time he was in Paris, he was very young and didn’t remember anything. While he was visiting Paris, he met a girl in the queue at the Eiffel Tower. They shared a kiss in the city of love, and a bottle of Rosé. He gushed about how romantic and how cliché his experience was. We teased him.

At 27, Alex was the oldest in our group, but that didn’t stop her lively party girl personality. She is from Santa Monica, California. Originally, Alex had tickets to go to a local festival in Paris and invited us all to go that night, however it was sold out. She decided to hang out with us instead and check out Rue Mouffetard. She had previously come from Greece. Her favorite place was Mykonos and she highly recommends it. She was supposed to travel with a girl friend of hers, but the girl ended up bailing last-minute. Alex still decided to come and I’m glad she did. Being the only 2 girls in the group, we clicked right away. Her Cali-girl image and my Philly/New Yorker persona meshed well together. Who knew that two people from two different sides of the country, could be so alike? We even had the same dance moves. Ha! We’re planning for me to visit California in the next year.

And then there was me.




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