I dream of a white house with black shutters and a wooden door because in autumn the foliage pops against the black and white contrasts. Nothing fancy, it doesn’t even have to be brand new. It can be old, with stories and history. I don’t want a green door or shutters like my mother. There will be lots of green everywhere else. Like the grass and the vines … Continue reading Dreams

What If There Were 10 Days In A Week

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she mentioned how she wished there were more days in a week so she could get stuff done. This was the first time I ever thought about such a thing. Normally people wish for more hours in the day. Low and behold, more days in a week makes sense and I would definitely be in … Continue reading What If There Were 10 Days In A Week

The Great Gatsby As Told By Nick Carraway Is “Fake News”

I had the pleasure of visiting (the outside of) one of the apartments of F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, lived in when I was in Paris. On a quaint street near the Arc de Triomphe and Champ Elysées, there lies 14 Rue de Tilsitt. It doesn’t seem like much and there is no plaque to mark the famous literary location that Hemingway would uncomfortably … Continue reading The Great Gatsby As Told By Nick Carraway Is “Fake News”

Football for Females

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with football. I assume that my dad wanted a son, but ended up with 3 daughters, so he turned me into the avid football fan. For 12 years I sat by him on the couch every Sunday in the fall and we watched the Philadelphia Eagles. We ate Sloppy Joes and chicken wings. He … Continue reading Football for Females

Feeding Your Inner Monster

I tried making something new for lunch today. Not for me, for the tiny humans. I’ve eaten it before so I know my taste buds find it delicious and fulfilling. Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes cut into chip form, and quinoa. Yum. The tiny humans have a tiny palate, which usually consists of 1 Ego waffle or dry Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast, 4 chicken nuggets … Continue reading Feeding Your Inner Monster

10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon

Various articles accuse Millennials of “killing” industries like beer, the bar of soap, and chain restaurants; or traditions like homeownership and marriage. I never really liked the way “millennial” sounded when it rolled off my tongue. The connotation is negatively implied most times and I didn’t want to label myself in that way. “Those millennials,” they say with an inserted eye roll or two. Simple … Continue reading 10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon