Traveling In The Face Of Terrorism

Paris, France suffered an attack on June 6th 2017, where police officers were targeted by a man with a hammer screaming, “This is for Syria!” Bystanders were funneled into the Cathedral while officers quickly controlled the situation. This is one of many attacks France has endured in just 2017 alone, whether it was claimed responsible by ISIS or not (Champs-Élysées shooting, Louvre Museum machete attack, … Continue reading Traveling In The Face Of Terrorism

Bachelorette Contestants and Predictions

“It’s Raining Men!” Season 13 of The Bachelorette premiered Monday night and Bachelor Nation welcomes Rachel Lindsay. The Texas attorney is getting down to business. She is ready to find love again after failing to win Nick Viall’s heart during Season 21 of The Bachelor. She confidently filtered through a large and diverse group of 31 men, sending 7 home at the first rose ceremony. From the contestant … Continue reading Bachelorette Contestants and Predictions

3 Desserts To Try In NYC

Despite the cold and rainy weather I endured Saturday, my day trip to NYC with my two older sisters was a success. Most would assume we checked out the Statue of Liberty, shopped in Times Square, or maybe even saw a Broadway show. Not us. We’ve been there, done that. This time around, we went on our very own dessert tour. We chose 3 dessert locations that … Continue reading 3 Desserts To Try In NYC

The Reality Of Dating In The 21st Century

Last night I went to the bar and grabbed drinks with some guy. While I sipped on my spiked strawberry lemonade, he gulped his Miller Lite and engaged in a group text that seemed to be way more important. I almost left our booth and walked home. Quite frankly, I should have. Perhaps, I should have even taken my drink to the bar and conversed with someone … Continue reading The Reality Of Dating In The 21st Century