Technology Dependency

Vertical, barcode like lines filled the screen of my iPhone 6s. Part of me felt naked and anxious, but the other part of me wasn’t devastated at all. I checked appointments at the Apple Store’s Genius Bar, and the earliest time slot was 2:30pm the next day. I thought, “It can’t be that bad. I don’t need to go anywhere that requires GPS. I can live … Continue reading Technology Dependency

Traveling In The Face Of Terrorism

Paris, France suffered an attack on June 6th 2017, where police officers were targeted by a man with a hammer screaming, “This is for Syria!” Bystanders were funneled into the Cathedral while officers quickly controlled the situation. This is one of many attacks France has endured in just 2017 alone, whether it was claimed responsible by ISIS or not (Champs-Élysées shooting, Louvre Museum machete attack, … Continue reading Traveling In The Face Of Terrorism