Football for Females

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with football. I assume that my dad wanted a son, but ended up with 3 daughters, so he turned me into the avid football fan. For 12 years I sat by him on the couch every Sunday in the fall and we watched the Philadelphia Eagles. We ate Sloppy Joes and chicken wings. He … Continue reading Football for Females

Feeding Your Inner Monster

I tried making something new for lunch today. Not for me, for the tiny humans. I’ve eaten it before so I know my taste buds find it delicious and fulfilling. Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes cut into chip form, and quinoa. Yum. The tiny humans have a tiny palate, which usually consists of 1 Ego waffle or dry Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast, 4 chicken nuggets … Continue reading Feeding Your Inner Monster

10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon

Various articles accuse Millennials of “killing” industries like beer, the bar of soap, and chain restaurants; or traditions like homeownership and marriage. I never really liked the way “millennial” sounded when it rolled off my tongue. The connotation is negatively implied most times and I didn’t want to label myself in that way. “Those millennials,” they say with an inserted eye roll or two. Simple … Continue reading 10 Things Millennials Aren’t Killing Anytime Soon